Benoît Jollivet

UI Designer / Developer

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A wifi name generator for an internet provider.


device mobile
device mobile


I worked with the Konbini teams to design a web app to generate fun wifi names.


How to explain to different users the process to change wifi password.


The first solution considered by Konbini was to include an explanatory text on the modification of the wifi name. After a hallway test, we realized that the task was tedious. So I proposed to segment the tutorial into different stages with a micro video.

To deal with the different equipment (modems, app used, etc.) I have set up hollow detection to be able to display the steps of the corresponding tutorial.

The use of swipe gesture was also taken into account as the marketing campaign was mainly on mobile.

Sosh webapp Wireframe

View of the basic user flow


Award: Grand Prix Stratégies du Digital 2019

Sosh Wheel Development